Why do I need to identify my level?

GuardYourEyes uses a unique approach to help people, by recognizing that there are many different levels in the struggle for “Shmiras Einayim” and “Shmiras Habris”. As you start out on your journey, it is important to assess the level of your struggle so you know which tools are right for you. In the same way that we wouldn't treat a common cold with chemo-therapy, we also wouldn't provide the same advice to a teen struggling with typical shmiras einayim issues as we would to someone who has been struggling with a real addiction for many years.

Click here to see the GYE Program in a Nutshell, which summarizes the suggestions that we found work best for strugglers at various levels. Give it a quick look-over to gauge your level and decide which of GYE's many tools are appropriate for you to start out with.