Welcome to GYE’s chatrooms – where members reach out and share chizuk with each other in real time!

Please see the chat bar at the bottom of the page.


In the private chat list, you will see who is online and you can chat one-on-one privately with any other available member who has been verified for chatting.

In the public chat room, you will be able to chat in a public discussion with anyone logged on to GYE (even if not yet approved for chatting yet).

You can also create your own public group chat rooms and invite other users to join private group discussions.

Important Notes:

Men will not see any female members available, and women will not see any male members available.

Please exercise caution when chatting to use appropriate language, and not to trigger other members.

The admin can access logs of all chatting done through our system, both public and private. We periodically review the logs to assure that everything on our network is Kosher.