drownIf you - or someone you know - is struggling with the dark side of the internet, we can help!

We have a “Breaking-Free” branch that has helped over a thousand Jews get back on a path of sanity, healing and self-control in the past few years. This has been accomplished through a special website, forums, handbooks, chizuk e-mails, hotlines and 12 step phone conferences and groups.

Write to gye.help@gmail.com for guidance on how to begin the journey to BREAK FREE from these addictive behaviors.

If you want us to send an anonymous e-mail to a family member, spouse or friend who you suspect may need help, we can send them an e-mail about our services and tools. Just send us the e-mail address that you would like us to send an e-mail to. Note: There are two approaches to this. (1) We can either make it look like an anonymous “Chain e-mail” that they just “happened to get”, or (2) if you want them to pay more attention to it, we can tell them that a friend or family member is concerned about them - and that we can help. When sending us their e-mail address, please specify which approach you would prefer for us to use.