GYE's Anonymity


Your anonymity is important to us. The many tools and services on our network are mostly either on-line, in print or by phone. What makes this so powerful is that it ensures complete anonymity for those who turn to us for help. This is one of the greatest secrets to our success, because anonymity, especially in these sensitive areas - and all the more so in the religious community, is one of the main inhibitions of people reaching out for help.

We harness the very power of the anonymity and accessibility of the internet which has fueled this epidemic, to reach and help thousands of Jews throughout the world that conventional therapeutic approaches would otherwise not be able to reach.

On our forum, charts, hotlines and phone conferences, only nicknames and non-revealing e-mail addresses are used. For starters, you may want to make yourself an anonymous e-mail address (something like To create an anonymous e-mail address, click here.