The most powerful way to break free from an addictive behaviors is to join a support group.

The following groups are suitable for GYE members:

  • GYE private online groups: Special private spaces where you can connect with other members similar to you (based on marital status, age, and type of struggle). Click here for more information.
  • GYE Whatsapp Group: Send your GYE username and cell phone number to to join (age 18 and up).
  • Dov's Desperadoes: Dov has over 20 years of sobriety in SA and can help you figure out if you're an addict or not. If appropriate, he may suggest you join his weekly phone-conference to work the 12-Step program together with others in the same situation. Contact Dov at to schedule a time to speak with him.
  • Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) - a 12 step program dealing with any lust-related behaviors. SA has thousands of meetings all over the world, so it's easy to find a local meeting at a time that suits you. Due to Covid-19, there are also dozens of virtual meetings available. There is also a special phone conference twice a week that is especially suitable for GYE members.   
  • Porn Anonymous (PA) - a new 12 step program dealing primarily with porn. PA has Zoom meetings 3 times a week as well as a Whatsapp group.
  • SMART Recovery - a science/therapy based alternative to the 12 step program. A live meeting appropriate for GYE members has recently started in Lakewood, NJ that meets twice a week. 
  • Flight to Freedom - This is a group that is similar to SMART Recovery, but that uses the tools from the Flight to Freedom program. It meets in Brooklyn once a week. For more info write to
  • טעלעפאן-קאנפערענץ אין אידיש : A 12-Step phone conference for Yiddish speakers. Contact for more info.
  • Jerusalem live group: Gain support and friendship from guys who understand exactly what you’re going through. Email for more info. Anonymity is our top priority.


These groups are only recommended for men ages 20 and up. 

Also, unless you think your behavior is extreme, we recommended starting with the other tools on GYE before considering a 12-step support group. 

For more information about these groups please write to