A short clip about addictive nature of pornography 
(Courtesy: FightTheNewDrug.org. If you have trouble watching this video, click here to download)




A few great eBooks to help you on your journey:

GYE Attitude Handbook: Click the link (left) to download a booklet with 21 powerful and inspiring principles to help you maintain the right attitude on this struggle. Perfect for teens!
Windows of the Soul: Click the link (left) to download a book with a 30 Day program to learn Shmiras Einayim. You can also click here to listen to a great shiur on Shmiras Einayim by Rav Zvi Miller, the author of this book (right-click the link and choose "Save Link As" to save it as an MP3).
Dear Bochur: Click the link (left) to download a booklet written by a Mechanech of 40 years, especially for Bochurim. You can also click here to listen to the author go through the booklet in a series of Shiurim.



GYE has a large of selections of tools that can help you break free. Below are some of the best tools for teens:

Personal Homepage: Your portal to all the features of the GYE website will guide you through our tools, suggesting the order of what to try and help you track your progress (register or login to access)
Fortify Program: A great program to learn how to stop these unhealthy behaviors through a series of 52 interactive videos, specially designed for teens (free for anyone under 20).
90 Day Chart: Based on scientific studies, this great motivational tool will give you a clear goal to focus on and help you track your progress.
Venishmartem.com: Let's be honest, much of your struggle probably has to do with open access to the internet. Don't walk at the edge of the cliff! Venishmartem.com will help you find a good filter and/or reporting software for your internet devices.
How to convince your parents: If you're afraid that your parents won't want to install a filter, tell them the truth, that you have been exposed and don't want to have the nisayon. Show them this page and make sure they listen to the short audio clips on that page as well. They won't judge you, they will be PROUD of you for being honest and open with them.