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This is going to be the time I get to 90!
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Scientific studies show that it takes 90 days to break an addictive pattern in the mind. Start your own Log of your journey to 90 days! Post here to update us on your status and to give each other chizuk to stay strong!

TOPIC: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 18818 Views

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 16 Dec 2018 21:10 #337857


Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 16 Dec 2018 23:16 #337863

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REM, You are amazing. I mean it.
Free Choice?!
Yirai's Memories

Dr. Seuss - You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.

FSKOT! (Fell Shmell--Keep on Trucking) (The Rebba R' Bards)

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 17 Dec 2018 00:32 #337866

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Mazel tov! Keep it up. Maybe share what's working for you. It will help others be successful too iyh.
Feel free to contact me at

My threads: Lessons Learned:

                    My Story and G-d Bless GYE:

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 18 Dec 2018 01:53 #337897


Thanks for the chizuk.

What helps me the most is putting myself in the best situation for me to thrive. Not just in terms of shmiras eynayim and shmiras habris, but also in general in life being in a position that is the most natural for me to succeed and be productive in a healthy and meaningful way. 

B"h through connecting on GYE I was able to break free and I could not have done it and still wouldn't be able to do it without the support and connection both on and off the site from so many people are trying to be mekadesh shem shamayin in a world that seeks to promote such indecency and low forms of lust.

The only person who can help Hashem help you is YOU! If Hashem created a mitzvah then Hashem felt it possible to accomplish. Take advantage of GYE and the support it offers, admit that it might take some more support and help than other challenges in your life, and decide for once and for all to change your life for the better. Its been the best decision of my life!

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 23 Dec 2018 06:29 #337968


Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 23 Dec 2018 20:19 #337983


All those single guys that need proof that it's possible to stay clean for so long, here you go..
Feel free to pm me, I'm a bochur, attend weekly live "SMART recovery" meetings.

הנותן עיניו במה שאינו שלו, מה שמבקש לא נותנים לו, ומה שבידו נוטלים ממנה

(סוטה ט, עמוד א)

ולכן אל יפול לב אדם
וכו' גם אם יהיה כן כל ימיו במלחמה זו כי אולי לכך נברא וזאת עבודתו לאכפיא לס"א תמיד 
(תניא פ"כז)

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 04 Jan 2019 21:04 #338214


This was a tough week or two, but B''H I am continuing to stay strong. I recognize that every day is a new day and I have come so far and seen that I have the ability to stay strong. I can do it!

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 08 Jan 2019 04:32 #338287

#148 and counting...

148 is...

more than 4 months...

more than 21 weeks...


These have been of the best 148 days of my life!

It was hard in the beginning but I knew I HAD to change my mindset and get it done. B''H for GYE!

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 11 Jan 2019 04:16 #338382


Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 11 Jan 2019 15:39 #338387

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BH Keep it up. The chizzuk you provide is invaluable. I'm at day 40 myself, and like you, this is going to be the time I stay in control.

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 13 Jan 2019 01:15 #338398

  • dylanskyler
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yo bro we got a super similar streak!! I also knew I was gonna make 90!! I'm currently 152 bh bh at Jan 12, 2019. We should talk... I'm never really on these threads or forums, but PLZ email me at, cuz I really need some support myself. It's funny how I wrote a 90 day blog, and I also said "this time I WILL make 90". Rlly looking forward to talking 2u

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 17 Jan 2019 04:39 #338511


Thank you both for the chizzuk! 

I am happy that my count makes is proof that there are others who can make serious change in their life. This was my life's goal to be able to conquer this challenge and B"H as the days go by and I build a stronger foundation to stay clean, I am able to have new goals and accomplish other sets off accomplishments. 

Every day still requires constant vigilance and Hashem created us with certain tenancies to be able to give us schar (reward) and B"H I am staying strong but there is nothing magical about what I am doing. Hashem only gives us struggles we can handle and we have to do our best. 

The single most impactful thing I changed in my life, was to....


This means 2 things:

1 - Is in general to stay positive and happy about your life. Realize that Hashem is in charge and try to ALWAYS make the best of your situation.

2 - This one is a it longer....

It is extremely important, specifically in shmiras habris, to stay positive about your success in performing the 613 mitzvos. I wan't to make sure I am clear what I mean and what I don't mean.
Try to always look to the future and how you can continue to grow. When looking at the past (things you may have done less than ideal or even things you did that were terrible and horrendous) try and take out something positive. WHAT?!?! That's right! It is SOOOOO important to realize even when you do something wrong, just by the fact that you feel bad, you already know that you are someone who cares to serve Hashem and that is a BEAUTIFUL thing! Enjoy that realization and be proud! Now, you could also be proud of the fact that you were able to push off the yetzer hara for a mili second before you did something wrong, or maybe a minute, or maybe 5 minutes. Do you know how much reward you will get for fighting the yetzer hara for 5 minutes?!?! There is a special place in heaven for people who in a time where you can go on 4 inch screen and enjoy any inappropriate thing in the world and that person for FIVE MINUTES says NO and GLORIFIES HASHEM by his actions. TRULY ADMIRABLE!
Now, that does NOT mean you can just fight for five minutes and then do whatever you want. I want to be clear that it is forbidden.
However, there is a key difference between dealing with your PAST actions and how you will do things in the FUTURE.
You should look at your past positively, as I explained, and take what you learned from your past to IMPROVE on your future. That is the only place for seeing something you did wrong previously, in order to become better. BUT, to look at your past and get down or depressed because you did something wrong is TERRIBLE AND DESTRUCTIVE! That is the yetzer hara's biggest trick! You must move forward by learning from your past and doing a little better each time. Build on the positive things you take out of your past.
This is the best way I know to succeed in this challenge. I hope it was clear and understandable.

I wasn't going to talk about myself but maybe it will give someone a chizuk to see it from this perspective...

 I worked on building myself up from the bottom of the bottom. I was watching porn and masturbating. I felt like I couldn't stop and I HATED it, it brought me DOWN, and made me DEPRESSED. I thought, "how would I ever accomplish anything in life if I CAN'T STOP DOING THIS?!?" I realized that Hashem just wants me to do my best because THAT IS ALL I COULD DO ANYWAY. - I just said something important so I want to explain. All we could do in life is our best try and attempt. So, if we are doing our best that means we can't do anything more. Hashem CREATED US LIKE THIS, so Hashem must ONLY WANT OUR BEST TRY. - So I started to try my best and not look at what I did wrong and instead focus on what I did RIGHT. (IMPORTANT) I also, went  on GYE, went on GYE, and went on GYE some more! This was important tool for me to get support in initially overcoming a big HABIT. 

​The effects were pretty immediate. My positive attitude coupled with the amazing support GYE provides enabled me to stay clean for #157 days and counting, one day at a time. While I still have desires llike everyone else, I am - with Hashem's help- trucking along and trying my absolute best to stay clean and be the best jew I CAN BE!

I pray everyday that Mashiach comes and we could just serve Hashem.  Until then, we should all continue to gather strength from within and the tools Hashem provide, like GYE.

Can't wait to read about your new, continued, or reinvigorated success!!

Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 18 Jan 2019 01:11 #338532


Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 20 Jan 2019 01:45 #338541


Re: This is going to be the time I get to 90! 23 Jan 2019 04:07 #338604


Thank you Hashem!

It's hard to be clean, just saying.

Sometimes I just want to give in.

But B''h I am way more interested in being clean, functioning and living better, and being closer to Hashem.

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