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What should I do ?
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This is a board for all the important threads that we don't want to get lost among the others :-)
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TOPIC: What should I do ? 639 Views

What should I do ? 28 Oct 2019 11:18 #344574

  • erfanakbari1
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I'm an 18 year old boy who's been clean for nearly 200 days without any masturbation . It's been a long time since I'm under so much pressure , I have never had sex with anybody in my life but nowadays because I don't do masturbation , my sexual needs are on the line so that I'm very excited to experience having sex with a girl in my life before marriage . But I don't know what should I do and how to fullfill my sexual needs and relief stress from my life . 
please help me .

Re: What should I do ? 03 Apr 2020 15:33 #348290

  • 360gye
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200 days is an amazing feat!! You are so strong and i'm sure you can beat anything you put your mind to. 

What Pressure do you have?
It might be helpful to A) just write down/talk to someone about these pressures and that alone should help relieve the pressure, exercise/running/walking outside to clear head helps, C) try focusing your energy onto something you enjoy doing (which is healthy) like music, art, writing, reading, etc.
If you want to talk privately i am more than happy to, my email is

Re: What should I do ? 01 May 2020 16:01 #349067

  • AnonyJew
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First of all that is amazing that you are so successful at such a young age. Chazak brother! 

Urge management techniques might work for your situation. Are you familiar with those?

Re: What should I do ? 03 May 2020 04:02 #349093

  • Singularity
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Get engaged!
"Vegeta, what does the scouter say about his sobriety level?"
"... It's over NINE-ZEROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

One day... At A Time :-D

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Re: What should I do ? 27 May 2020 17:48 #350477

dear erfanakbari1

I want to start with 200 days! wow and kudos! that is no small accomplishment for anyone!

I get the pressure, we all do around here. There are many things to help you and ultimately creating the correct mix of preventive measures to not be under pressure to begin with as well as the plan to enact when the pressure runs high will increase the chances to continue to 201 and many more days of staying clean.

Here are some ideas:
-Stay in contact at a higher frequency when pressure is high.
-I would suggest the buddy program from GYE. Having a individual who can be of support(and in turn you being theirs) can be very helpful and empowering for the both of you.
-Create a daily routine  of positive and constructive actions. It will keep you distracted and build you as a person in the process
-Seek out a trusted mentor or Rav. Talking about it releases the pressure and may even dissipate it.
-Think back and ask yourself what has helped you reach 200 days? Chances are you already have answers to your own question.

The above is just to name some ideas and I hope it is a start and helpful.

Re: What should I do ? 27 May 2020 21:39 #350491

  • BHYY
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Wow, 200 days! That’s amazing! Personally, a game changer in my life was when I spoke to a close Rebbe of mine and was able to unburden myself face to face. The chizuk you get from another human is unparalleled. I know it can sound scary (I pushed it off for years!) but once you do it you’ll feel great. There are also some chashuv, experienced GYE mentors who don’t mind speaking on the phone, I think you can find them through the website on the Partner Program page.
Keep up the amazing work you’ve been doing!
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