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denial is not a river in Egypt
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If you've made progress - thank G-d, double your merit by inspiring others as well! Post the tips and advice that worked best for you in your journey to sobriety or tell us about recommendations you heard from others that work.
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TOPIC: denial is not a river in Egypt 51 Views

denial is not a river in Egypt 16 Jan 2020 16:46 #346751

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BH  after decades of backsliding despite renewed efforts to not relapse time after time after time , it has been over 3 yrs now that ,one day at a time I have been able to come clean .
     Everywhere one looks we are bombarded mentally, emotionally , physically stimulative with smutt and nivel anyim ( porn). When I was growing up decades ago the tolerance was so much stricter; nowadays regarding modesty and hidden societal agendas it is impossible to  not fear encountering the Satan every and anywhere.  The tragic reality it is ubiquitous, insidious and desensitizing to healthy functioning with a shemiras aniyim lifestyle.
   I apologize for the wordiness, but my heart just cries out from the past ,long ongoing downward spiraling and sins against my neshama and Hashem.
   The thing that has saved me and continues empowering me is being honest about the denial of so many: bad choices of selfishness , appreciation  of my blessings, getting older and  Hashem's delayed payment system.    Teshuva only works WHENEVER we choose to do it if we become proactive against relapse. Shemiras Aniyim and begging for help from Hashem is a synergy for confronting this problem. We know all about addictive behavior and the more we do the more we empower,reinforce and set more stimuli to get the dopamine release that our disease effects ( the ahh feeling ).  So we need more and harder more intense stimuli to achieve a previous satisfaction.
    Long story short, its a choice. We live in denial that Hashem isn't watching, our souls become darker and desenstized to holiness and cannot become illuminated as the forces we create are nutured from our own actions.  There is an accounting and an accountant awaiting us when we MUST leave this world of denial. 
    I hope this will help to instill hope and remove desperation. The way is one hour ,one day , one test at a time....... If you are reading this than Hahsem still loves and hope for you to return and do teshuva. IT IS NOT TOO LATE.  Choose your gift of vision and time wisely.  May you find the the renewed hope and strength to  give away what you will acquire and  know there is always hope.............
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