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TOPIC: My story. 1129 Views

My story. 25 Feb 2019 15:50 #339211


I have been on here quite a few times .been mostly inactive. I have been struggling with porn and masturbation for around ten years .I am 27 years old. Been married for a few years have children BH. Have a lovely wife. 

When there's anything stressful going on in my life p and m are my solution. More than porn it's chatting etc that I struggle with. 

I wouldn't consider myself as attracted to males .But I tend to watch that type of material. I think it stems from how looking at straight porn was too "prust" in my eyes. 

I've hit new lows but BH never met up in person or done anything like that. Found flaws in my filter and I let loose in every way I could. It's eating me up and want to free myself from this garbage .

Re: My story. 25 Feb 2019 17:25 #339215

  • strive613
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Thanks for sharing your story.  I wish you much hatzlocha on your journey!  Keep posting/connecting/reaching out!

Re: My story. 25 Feb 2019 17:39 #339217

  • EscapeArtist
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Welcome Moshe, you should have much  הצלחה here!
There are many great helpful tools here to help us along. Preferably speak to a professional (many can be found on this site) if you have any חשש you need more intense help. Better not to wait too long as these things tend to spiral downhill...
In regard to filter loopholes, I have found it easiest to fix them immediately after acting out, when I had a few minutes of "freedom". I'd end up hating myself later for doing it, but hey, too bad on me! 

Re: My story. 25 Feb 2019 20:53 #339224

  • 360gye
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Hi Moshe,
Thx for joining GYE and thanks for having the courage to post your story, its not easy and you should know you are really strong for coming here and taking the first step in recovery. 
You should know we are all here to help you and each other.
If you need anything or want to talk more, i am more than happy to talk to you. My email is

Re: My story. 27 Feb 2019 02:07 #339271

  • ColinColin
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Establish a planned and positive response to stress.

Talking to friends
Visiting family etc.

Re: My story. 28 Feb 2019 00:01 #339287

  • Hashem Help Me
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Welcome. It should be with hatzlocha. Staying connected with the chevra here helps a lot. Cash in on the chizuk/advice that's available. 

One response to something you wrote. Maybe its time to learn kosher and healthy stress relief as alternatives to pornography and masturbation. I found exercise to be a great replacement. Chatting may be a desperate desire for companionship (which will not be fulfilled by phone relationships). Maybe its time to spend some more healthy time with your wife sharing your day etc, as well as catching up with some real friends.
Feel free to contact me at

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