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TOPIC: My story... 989 Views

My story... 16 Jan 2019 04:17 #338481

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my story is almost like every other story, except that’s it’s my own story...

its started when I was a young boy, probably 14 years old, while in the swimming pool, a friend told me that if you do so and so it’s gonna feel very good.., and that’s how it started, this boy was as innocent as I was, I didn’t even realize that I’m doing anything wrong, until I was dragged in completely into the cycle. 

im now 28 years, I don’t think I had a 30 day sober since then,  I married, had children, nothing changed, I just keep piling up more shame and guilt, I tried to stop I prayed, I cried, I punished myself, but here I am, when I realize now that this is 14 years, I have tears in my eyes, where am I!, I wanna get out of this misery.

finding gye was relive for me seeing that I’m not the only one with this problems, but on the other hand sceard me, I’m scared of being an addict, I who am a husband, father, role model am an addict!? I who represents  myself as  a smart, intelligent, full of wisdom guy, how can I be a s** addict?? 

Re: My story... 16 Jan 2019 04:32 #338482

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Welcome! yep; we're  dads, good husbands; prominent community members, & s** addicts!
Connect with the great people here. They'll guide you which path of recovery to take.
Yeah it's scary, but that's the facts. Can't be changed. We're addicts, as g-d intended us to be. This is our עבודה!

הצלחה רבה!

Re: My story... 16 Jan 2019 04:55 #338483

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Hi welcome

You could view it as a disease not that there is something inherently wrong with you , however it must be treated or like any other disease that goes untreated it gets worse and worse rl - this is a great place to start


Re: My story... 16 Jan 2019 04:57 #338484

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Welcome. Most people are not addicts. Whether you are or not should not be a cause for concern. What does matter is that BH you found a place that if you get connected with you will iyh get better like so many others here. We are here to help. May Hashem give you hatzlocha.
Feel free to contact me at

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