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New member - Colin
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Welcome to our forum! Introduce yourself here (anonymously, of course) and get a warm welcome from the rest of the community!

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Re: New member - Colin 25 Oct 2020 01:55 #356639

  • ColinColin
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I made it to one year clean.

Still have to be on guard and take each day as it comes, because even today I had the urge to fall.

But I made it to one year, even though when I joined this Forum I used to fall several times per week.

I used four main methods to keep clean:

1 - HALT.

If you are

Angry (Resentful)

then you are likely to fall, because you feel down and seek a quick high.
This method is an early warning system.


Treat the urge to fall as an external thought, not an intrinsic part of you.
Like a cloud, which floats away.
This method is very useful.


Distract the urge by doing something positive.
Call a friend whom you know is lonely, study, go for a walk.


Only in emergencies and only once or twice per year.
You can use all you emotional strength to confront the urge to fall head on, but this is very tiring and lasts only for about 5 minutes.
Not to be relied on, it is the least successful of the methods I have used, but it has worked for me.

Thank you Hashem, and thank you all on here who have supported and inspired me.
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Re: New member - Colin 25 Oct 2020 03:47 #356645

  • Hashem Help Me
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Mazel tov! Beautiful milestone and thanks for posting what worked for you.
Feel free to contact me at

My threads: Lessons Learned:

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Re: New member - Colin 25 Oct 2020 12:51 #356650

  • Grant400
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Congratulations! Amazing! You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

May you succeed to remain clean for year after year lasting a lifetime.

Re: New member - Colin 25 Oct 2020 13:36 #356653

  • Dave M
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Mazol Tov!  So nice to hear from you.  Missed having you around here. 
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