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All About Filters

  • Synopsis: In this guide, we have selected the best filtering solutions for your home or office. We will try to help you achieve great protection without interfering with your day-to-day activities.
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Filter Guide for USA

  • Synopsis: Filtering 101: Details about filter options, accountability solutions, dealing with your mobile device and other important information.
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  • License: Free for download and distribution

The Immense Dangers of Computers & Handheld Devices

  • Synopsis: The aim of this pamphlet is to spread awareness of the range of capabilities stored within the new technology now available on the market - forewarned is forearmed.
  • Categories:
  • Author: Yinon Abraham
  • License: Free for download and distribution

Additional Tools for Recovery

  • Categories:
  • Author: Elya (a.k.a. Eye.Nonymous)
  • License: Free for download and distribution

GYE Flyer - Yiddish

GYE Flyer - French

GYE Flyer - "Caught in the Shmutz?" - Half Page

  • Synopsis: Flyer for Breaking-Free: "Drowning in the internet? Caught in the Shmutz?"
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Mask In the Mirror

  • Synopsis: Chizuk for Reaching Emotional Sobriety
  • Categories:
  • Author: Allan J. Katz, M.S., CRC

GYE Handbook

  • Categories:
  • Author: GYE Corp.
  • Version: December 2012
  • License: Free for download and distribution

GYE Protecting Our Youth - Experts Speak

The GYE Handbook in French

  • Synopsis: The GYE handbook was translated into French by a 20 year old volunteer living in France.
  • Categories:
  • Author: GYE
  • Version: Jan 2012
  • License: Free for distribution

TaPHSiC Method Made Simple

GYE Handbook - Yiddish

Shmirat Habrit Pamphlet

  • Synopsis: A manual on the pitfalls of sexual transgression offering ideas on how to free yourself.
  • Categories:
  • Author: Tzvi Fishman of
  • License: Free for download and distribution