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Examples of "Breaking Free" Chizuk E-mails

GYE Haskamos

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  • Author: GYE Corp.
  • License: Free for download and distribution

The Power of Tefillah

  • Synopsis: Many people wonder why their tefillos should be answered. They know their sins and faults, and it’s hard for them to imagine that Hashem is interested in their tefillah.
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  • License: Free for distribution

Kuntras for Men - Sameaich Tesamach

  • Synopsis: FOR MARRIED MEN ONLY: A supplementary guide for chassan teachers and Jewish men.
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  • Author: By a Rosh Kollel in Bet Shemesh, and reviewed by prominent Rabbanim

The Secret to Happiness

The Science of Habit Change

Guard Your Eyes Banner

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  • Author: GYE
  • Version: 2017
  • License: Free for distribution

GYE Brochure 2017

  • Synopsis: Highlights of GYE's projects and activities.
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