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Dov's Group - "Dov's Desperadoes"
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TOPIC: Dov's Group - "Dov's Desperadoes" 2919 Views

Dov's Group - "Dov's Desperadoes" 29 Nov 2010 21:37 #87224

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Dov (from the “Daily Dose of Dov”), who is sober for 13 years in SA, would like to be part of another group of addicts in recovery who want to work the 12 steps together.

Members are asked to try their best to do the the following nine simple things:

[b]1 - Be ready to actually work the steps rather than just talk about them or study them. With the help of Hashem, this group will occasionally refer to texts including the Big Book and the SA White-Book (both of which are downloadable from this page of our website - scroll down).

This group is all about an experience of actually working the 12-Steps together without shame, one step at a time, in order, and as simply as possible. We do it together because if there is even too much shame on the phone, then how will we ever let go of that burden in real life? And the next time lust strikes is 'real life'. People who are ready to try to do that will find this work very powerful.

2 - We will try to live one day at a time in every aspect of our lives.

3 - We agree to use our real first names within the group and to try to be honest with the other group members about anything and everything as it comes up. What we put into this is exactly what we will get out of it.

4 - We agree to daven for each group member that we remember, once per day.

5 - We agree to try to keep in touch with at least one other group member in person, by email, by PM or by phone once, daily .

6 - We agree to use 5 minutes every day to talk directly and calmly to Hashem - even if we feel it is not 'working' it is an investment for when the 11th step finally starts to 'work'.

7 – We will not follow a director or a leader, and will try our best to put our own sobriety first. If anyone decides to leave, no one need ask them "why?" or try to convince them to stay. It's not about 'the group' - we are here for our own sobriety, period.

8 – We will keep everything that anybody else says in the group completely private on the rest of the forum. What we say here - especially about ourselves - stays in our group.

9 – As much as possible, we will try to keep focused on the solution rather than on the problem. Should a member have to reset their sobriety date, he is encouraged to let the group know, but to keep the focus in our time together on the solution. This group is only for those who are in enough trouble that they feel willing to take action and do the work.

To join, please contact Dov and give him your username, so we can give you access to his group on the forum.
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