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I need help with harvesting good material please
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TOPIC: I need help with harvesting good material please 1750 Views

I need help with harvesting good material please 22 Feb 2010 22:15 #54854

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Guys, like I wrote in another post on this board, big things are B"H happening with GYE (I was surprised that so few people commented on that thread - aren't you guys excited?  ), anyways, like I mentioned, I have a new partner who is going to help us IY"H, to reach new levels in our work, and reach thousands of more Yidden... Meanwhile, you can imagine how busy I am, we are are working on big PR and fund raising ideas, drawing up plans and proposals, etc... I have much less time to be on the forum these days, and this makes it harder for me to prepare the daily chizuk e-mails because I am spending less time "harvesting" the good material here. I need your help. Whenever you find a very inspiring post, or a great "Attitude" perspective, or a nice Torah thought, or a great quote, or whatever, please send me a PM or an e-mail with the link so I can include it in the chizuk e-mails. This will save me time to have to go looking for material each day. Just send the link and write the word "ACE" (Another Chizuk E-mail).

P.S. There is no need to send me "ACE" for Dov's posts, since I routinely scan all his posts and quote them every day in the daily Dose of Dov. (I'm a dovaholic and I hope never to recover!)

Thank you so much!
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