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Yidden, Hashem is making miracles miracles for us! There's a huge war going on, hundereds of rockets have been shot, thousands of soldiers are deep in enemy territory, close to 500 of our enemies have been killed, and there has been less casualties on our side than can be counted on the fingers of one hand (2 of which were Druze Arabs - one construction worker and one Druze in the IDF). Of-course, every life is priceless, but it could have been much much worse R"L, and Hashem is obviously protecting us! For example, I am looking at the news LIVE now and they show a house in Sderot that was TOTALLY destroyed, and the woman inside was unhurt besides for some smoke inallation. And as they showed the destroyed house, I noticed a sign hanging on the broken walls that saiud "Ain Lanu Al Mi Lisha'en, ela Avinu Shebashamayim"!

Yidden! Every time you say NO to the Yetzer hara, another LIFE can be saved!! Another enemy bunker or weapons cache is blown up, another miracle happens! We are fighting along side our brothers in Israel and we are helping them in ways we could never imagine!
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