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How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts
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Scientific studies show that it takes 90 days to break an addictive pattern in the mind. Start your own Log of your journey to 90 days! Post here to update us on your status and to give each other chizuk to stay strong!
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TOPIC: How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts 1289 Views

How to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts 15 May 2019 03:20 #341168

  • YeshivaBoy555
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When you battle to control your thoughts, You must know that you are not wrong, on the contrary, you are beating the yetzer. You will ask, how?

My friend, you should know that when the person decides to do something good, for example, beginning to be Shomer Shabbat, put on Tefillin, or in your case, beginning to take care not to see women, etc. The Yetzer goes crazy. He knows that one of his soldiers from his army is leaving. He will try to bombard you by telling you: Look, you have bad thoughts. You are useless, all your Torah and your Mitzvot are useless.

But in truth, you are winning him, and he does everything possible to depress you.

One of the things that helps is to study Mussar. That helps the person to become stronger.

Another thing is to be surrounded by Tzaddikim, Kosher people. The person is influenced by their surroundings. If you are surrounded by bad people who put bad ideas in your head, it is like putting alcohol in front of an alcoholic, expecting to him to not drink it.

The most productive thing is to pray to Hashem to clean your mind, that do not bring you bad thoughts. We are not angels, we cannot be perfect, we cannot control our thoughts. But, we are obligated to make our best.
If Hashem sees that we want to do the best we can, we will have extra help. We must be very careful with thoughts, especially with those of this type, as the Gemara says: Irure Avera Kashin meAvera (The thoughts of "that Avera" are worse than Avera herself).

also on the subject of dreams, if you dream bad things, it can be: Since you are rising in spirituality, and the Yetzer envies you and tries to make you fall wherever, or: Because as you see women all day, you even dream in they. And in the bathroom, The Yetzer is a Big Rabbi!  he tries to make you think Torah, which is forbidden!

So, in summary, the best thing you can do is study Mussar, especially on this subject of Shemirat Enaim. Personally I recommend Shaar HaTeshuva of Orchot Tzaddikim, either in Hebrew or English. also study it with Chavruta or aloud, so that it reaches your heart.

But above all, make Tefilah to Hashem. Ask him to take away the bad thoughts, to purify your mind. If you can, cry. But show him you want to change. Believe me, it will not be an easy fight, but great efforts lead to great things. And remember: The Mishnah says: "Lefum Tzaara Hagra" (According to the effort, the reward is greater). So, go and prove to Hashem and the Yetzer: I have changed; I am not the same as before, I'm more Kadosh.

Chazal says: A head that its not filled with torah, its filled with Bad thoughts about women and Aveirot. What Chazal its trying to tell you, it's not that you have to study 24/7. They try to teach you how works the human head. Hashem says: "Barati Yetzer Hara, Barati Lo Tora Tavlin" (I created the Yetzer Hara, and i created the Torah, His cure). The Study of Mussar and Torah is the only way to beat the Yetzer Hara. Try like 15-20 min a day. Maybe the first days you won't feel anything, but with  time, you will notice positive changes inside you.

The Rambam said: There are 5 things that are almost impossible to stop doing, therefore the person should get away as much as possible from them, so as not to get stuck. One of them is: "Hamistakel BaArayot" (The one who watches women). Since, when the person does this, it becomes a habit.

Chazal says: "Kol Hatchalot Kashot" (All the beginnings are difficult), I mean that at first it gets very difficult, but afterwards it is quite simple.

But I heard an explanation from a friend quite the opposite: The beginning is always simple. Starting is very easy. The Yetzer will let you start, and then constantly bother you. After that, what is difficult is to keep what you have planned, and try not to do it again.
If you pitifully fall, nothing happens, just ask Hashem for forgiveness and reinforce yourself with More Yirat Shamayim and Mussar.

Therefore, do not look at everything now as: Now I can not see women, I can not do anything anymore, the Torah forbids everything ... No! Look at it as a new way of life:
Hashem does not want me to do this, He is the one who sends me health, life, money, family, etc. every second, I must fulfill what he asks me.

It is compared to a king who gives an order to one of his closest slaves. It could be a very necessary order or not. if  I not comply, he sends it to the gallows at once.
Same Hashem. Really, what is it for me to take care of my sight, to put on Tefillin, to eat Kasher, etc. If he ordered it, he will have his motive. And we, his closest and dearest slaves, must fulfill His will.

Thank you,

PS: If you want direct help, contact me at my Email: Yeshivaboy555(at)
כי נפלתי קמתי כי אשב בחושך השם אור לי
"When I fall, I shall rise; when I sit in darkness, Hashem will be a light to me".
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