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A sense of Gratitude
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Getting out of Isolation and connecting with others is an important part of recovery. This board is for non-addiction related threads, where members exchange jokes, have fun - and drink Lechayim Together!
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TOPIC: A sense of Gratitude 531 Views

A sense of Gratitude 11 Dec 2018 06:13 #337776

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hey everyone, I'm grateful for the good in my life but also the bad, the good because its obvious I am provided for my basic necessities in life, for my food, my clothing, my shelter but also all the intricate details that are orchestrated together in order to provide for my needs. But I am also thankful for the bad or difficult times because although it seems that the details involved in those areas don't correlate in order for those needs to be met, I still feel I can use them for good and for a good example for other people in my response to those situations. I would love to know your opinions on dealing with difficult situations and even what things you are greatful for in your life!. 

Re: A sense of Gratitude 11 Dec 2018 12:33 #337783

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Rav Hutner explains on the possuk in Mishlei "Sheva yipol tzaddik v'kom", that a tzaddik is one who actually falls but utilizes those tough challenges to grow, and overcome the difficulties. Hashem sends us all specifically prescribed challenges, difficulties, etc, that will be catalysts for us to become greater peoploe. Of course when dealing with tough situations it is hard to see past the immediate tzaar, but it is helpful to keep in mind this concept. Hatzlocha.
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