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TOPIC: GYE Model 17655 Views

Re: GYE Model 17 Sep 2013 17:10 #219462

  • Lizhensk
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  • You never heard of Rebbes making sholom?
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tehillimzugger wrote:
(Despite the fact that he's no replacement for bardichev)

Well, wheres ur heilige rebbe? lets face each other and we'll see if im a good replacement or not. This is all talk. I want to see this "rebbe" of yours and we'll deal with it between ourselves... Im maskim he has ruach hakodesh, he saw i was gonna come on in a few months so he turned on his heel and ran and hasnt been heard of since. He's afraid of the koach of my heilige zeide דער רבי ר' מייליך מליזענסק זצוקלל"הה וזיעוכי"א
Life is Like a Bicycle: If its easy, you're going downhill
Hashem, If I can't have what I want, then please teach me to want what I have -Unknown (and if u know who it was please inform me)
There is NOTHING wrong with feeling pain -My Sponsor
I will not act out today, I will tomorrow. Maybe when I get to tomorrow, it will again be 'today'

Re: GYE Model 17 Sep 2013 18:57 #219471

  • ZemirosShabbos
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come now, let's have a round of AYT muffins and we can all be friends
Sometimes life is like tuna with not enough mayonaise
~Inna beshem ZS

Give, Forgive

The reason I'm acting as if I'm pregnant, is because I'm expecting. I should be accepting.

Re: GYE Model 22 Nov 2013 20:12 #223875

  • tryingtoshteig
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  • תן חיוך, הכל לטובה
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Guard Your Ays Keep your niggunim to yourself!

Guard Your Oys Don't worry, be happy!

Guard Your Ice Reduce Carbon Emissions, Save the Glaciers!
"ויעזור ויגן ויושיע לכל החוסים בו ונאמר אמן" -- ArtScroll Gabbai's Handbook

Re: GYE Model 24 Nov 2013 01:01 #223904

  • Pidaini
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  • פדני מעושק אדם-מיצר הרע העושק את הבריות-רש"י
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tryingtoshteig wrote:
Guard Your Ays Keep your niggunim to yourself!

It's pronounced Ayes, not Eyes keep you havarah chernobyl
Yankel | My Ladder | Talking to Hashem
I'm just a dude, another guy on this bus.
Have a great day, unless, of course, you made other plans. ~ obbormottel
"Nothing changes as long as everything stays the same" ~ Dov
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Re: GYE Model 25 Nov 2013 01:39 #223932

tryingtoshteig wrote:
Just stand back while the elephants are taking their 12 steps!

Attachment C:\fakepath\basketball_128[1].jpg not found

!!בְּיָדְךָ אַפְקִיד רוּחִי - פָּדִיתָה אוֹתִי ה ק-ל אֱמֶת

איך דאנק דיך באשעפער פארן מיך ווייזן דיין העכערע כח

! רק להתחזק בשמחה

א איד דארף זיין פריש, געזונט און משוגע!! -כבתי רמ"ם תקנ"ט
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