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TOPIC: need chizzuk 1477 Views

need chizzuk 01 Feb 2019 01:15 #338765

  • egsd
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Anyone have any advice how to stay calm in the beginning of this battle 
a distraction 

Re: need chizzuk 01 Feb 2019 02:29 #338767

  • ColinColin
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Have a few ideas of alternative activities to distract yourself:

Talking with a friend.
Tidying up your house.
Visiting an elderly or sick relative etc.
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Re: need chizzuk 01 Feb 2019 09:30 #338774

  • Vetaher1
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Stay constantly connected to hashem and to the people here, that helped mostly for me and many roamers around here, get out of isolation!

you'll get there iy"h!

Re: need chizzuk 02 Feb 2019 20:22 #338779

  • Shmiras_3.0
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i can relate to your post, and your are right "on the ball".    Lust-Addictionsis when lust became far more than just "attraction" but rather a distraction from all the pent-up fears/worries/stress/embarrassment/grief/regret/shame/guilt/etc...     and as soon as people start the long journey of 'abstaining' from lust they desprately seek an alternative distraction.

From my experience:
If you smoke, you'll buy a carton instead of just a pack
If you overeat, you might as well go buy a larger size of pants
If you workout- you'llso more often (dopamine is also a powerfull drug)
If you endlessly read news-  you might find yourself catching up on Zimbabwe's politics (for example)
If you overdo whats-app -  You will most likely sign up to another hundred groups.

the faster YOU DO THE STEOWORK (and it IS a process of delf-discovery) the less you will have to run from. until one day you can sit calmly and enjoy the SERENITY of RECOVERY
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