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TOPIC: Help 1135 Views

Help 11 Jan 2019 17:33 #338392

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Help, so tempted to look on sports illustrated!

Re: Help 11 Jan 2019 21:30 #338395

Shimshon had his eyes torn out by the Pelishtim because he strayed after his eyes (mishna). He davened to Hashem to avenge him for one of his eyes, and killed himself when he took down the entire assembly of Pelishtim.

"Hashem, our eyes were 'torn out' by looking at SI SE and other magazines; please see our suffering and let our YH die together with that accursed magazine. Avenge one of our corrupted eyes, and rid us of this evil invader who has 'taken over' our 'land.' "

When you crush the urge to be subjugated by SI (and we've been there, done that), you are not just killing the urge, but killing the evil with it. Don't look at this year's edition, tell yourself next year you'll get it. And by next year you won't have such an urge.

Any magazine which comes out in regular intervals, the urge to see that specific publication lessens after missing one or two. It's a much easier goal to tackle than the overall shmiras einayim. The monthly midnight trips to the convenience store to pick up my 'fix' stopped years ago when I interrupted it for 2-3 months. I struggle, but not for a particular publication.
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