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23. Every Little Bit Counts.
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On this board, everyone is encouraged to share their journey through the 18 tools of the GYE handbook and get Chizuk and answers from everyone else here as well!

The GYE handbook provides a systematic framework for breaking free of this addiction. But just reading it alone won’t do very much if we don’t “work” the tools therein. So after reading through the GYE handbook once, we go back and start again from the beginning, this time taking it slowly and giving each tool a lot of careful thought. Have we tried the first few tools yet? What parts have we still not tried? Do we have questions, comments, doubts about any of the tools? Slowly but surely, tool by tool, day by day, the GYE handbook - together with the group support of this board - will provide you with the best framework possible for systematic growth and progress.
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TOPIC: 23. Every Little Bit Counts. 2629 Views

23. Every Little Bit Counts. 09 Nov 2010 04:12 #83612

We must believe that coin after coin are added to our “spiritual bank” every time we say “no” to the addiction, no matter how insignificant it may seem to us at the time. Even if someone is sure that they’ll fall in the very near future, they should know that for every second they hold back, they are earning reward that no person or malach can fathom! And when a person has enough “coins” in their “spiritual account,” they will successfully break free completely!
The Gemara says: "Habah letaher misaayen lo” – “He who comes to be purified, they help him," and Chazal also say: "Biderech she'adom rotzeh leilech molichin osoh” –“in the way a person wants to go, they lead him." Why does the Gemara speak always in plural form: “they help him,” and “they lead him”? The Maharsha explains that every resolution and every effort a person makes creates an angel. And when the army of angels gets large enough, it has the power to help one overcome all the obstacles and lead him to where he wants to go!
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Re: 23. Every Little Bit Counts. 09 Nov 2010 04:14 #83613

no matter how big or how small. how long or how short. how this or how that. every mili-second we say no and control ourselves we get reward upon reward that................ can never be taken away!
the maharsha says based on his limud says that every time we do something good even  for a second we created angels that help us fight. eventually they get developed into an army!
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Re: 23. Every Little Bit Counts. 03 Apr 2012 02:39 #135474

  • emunah19
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I have just one Q what happens if you fall do you lose just one coin just one malach or is it worse?
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Re: 23. Every Little Bit Counts. 17 Dec 2015 23:50 #271687

  • Josephsbrother
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Yes we have loses, but a righteous man mays seven times and get up again, let us always be an alef, it always has its vav fall to the west, if you consider north the top of the page.
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