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Addiction therapist in Manhattan
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On this board, everyone is encouraged to share their journey through the 18 tools of the GYE handbook and get Chizuk and answers from everyone else here as well!

The GYE handbook provides a systematic framework for breaking free of this addiction. But just reading it alone won’t do very much if we don’t “work” the tools therein. So after reading through the GYE handbook once, we go back and start again from the beginning, this time taking it slowly and giving each tool a lot of careful thought. Have we tried the first few tools yet? What parts have we still not tried? Do we have questions, comments, doubts about any of the tools? Slowly but surely, tool by tool, day by day, the GYE handbook - together with the group support of this board - will provide you with the best framework possible for systematic growth and progress.
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TOPIC: Addiction therapist in Manhattan 2238 Views

Addiction therapist in Manhattan 13 Sep 2013 21:13 #219204

  • NHN@gye
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Can anyone recommend an addiction therapist in Manhattan? Non-frum preferred.

Re: Addiction therapist in Manhattan 16 Sep 2013 16:54 #219358

  • tryingtoshteig
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Welcome NHN! Nice to meet you!
Have you checked out GYE's Therapist Directory?

In the meantime, this very forum is full of amateur, frum (sorry?), addiction therapists been-there-done-thats, including many people who have slowly pieced (or are piecing) their life back together after being stuck in the gehinom of lust addiction for years. And we don't charge a cent!

Seriously, though, tell us a little about yourself. We are happy to help if we can!
"ויעזור ויגן ויושיע לכל החוסים בו ונאמר אמן" -- ArtScroll Gabbai's Handbook
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