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A Moshol...
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A platform of recovery for Jews who find themselves struggling with addictions to pornography, masturbation or other sexual problems. Post anonymously about your struggles without fear of anyone finding out who you are. Ask questions, post answers and be inspired! Get tips and guidance from the experts who moderate this forum, as well as from fellow strugglers.
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A Moshol... 17 Apr 2009 13:35 #4455

  • me
Today erev Shabbos, I had a bit of inspiration as I was walking amongst the trees and flowers.

Here in E"Y everything is green, and the flowers prove that spring is here. I don't know if this exists in the U.S., but here we have a type of thorn bush, that in the spring it is green like all plants, and I noticed a pretty purple flower in side of it's buds. All around this flower were the soft spear-like thorns that in a few more months, when this plants dries out and turns brown, these thorns will be as sharp and painful as any razor sharp sword. But, now the green "thorns to be" projectiles are harmless.
  I contemplated for a moment, and in fact this was after reading "Be Holy's" post today.

  Here is an attractive green plant, with a beautiful purple flower inside. It really appears to be a plant that I would like to own and perhaps enjoy to look at from time to time. BUT, what happens with time?  As the heat of the summer months approach, this beautiful flower disappears completely. The green goes away as well, and the seemingly harmles soft projectiles turn into razor sharp swords that can draw blood.
  Yes, in the beginning it appears to be a beautiful purple flower, BUT, if we continue to look at it, at it's beauty, then as the HEAT of the summer comes along, (the heat of our lusts), then it all turns into what it really is: A dangerous sharp thorn bush with daggar sharp ends.
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Re: A Moshol... 17 Apr 2009 14:28 #4456

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See the Zohar on "Vayetze Yaakov... Vayelech Charana"... How the Yetzer hara appears to us as the most beautiful woman - addorned with the most beautiful jewels, offering us wine to make us drunk and all the pleasures... and as we fall asleep under the influence of her wine, she turns into a monster Malach Hamaves made up of thousands of eyes (from the things we lusted at in our lives) holding a huge sword and sucks up our souls...
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Re: A Moshol... 17 Apr 2009 15:08 #4457

  • aardvark
I don't know how it's connected, but just today, I read an article about these same "weeds" that apparently are a source for a non-coffee, coffee drink, and they take very little water to grow. Some farmers are going to be growing them now during the "dry" season in Israel.
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