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Prevent Nocturnal emissions
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Prevent Nocturnal emissions 12 Jun 2022 18:58 #381825

Hi guys, 
what are some segulot or advice that works to prevent nocturnal emissions?

Re: Prevent Nocturnal emissions 12 Jun 2022 19:11 #381828

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a known segula is to recite the first 4 chapters of tehillim before going to sleep at night .its a famous segula , i hope it  works !
another trick which i heard suggested by experts is not to be extremly nervous that youll have a nocturnal emiission, be calm if it happens ,it happens . but nervousness  on the matter can itself cause the emmission.
 i used to be plauged by nocturnal emmisions   but as i got older it stopped as a joke once put it, (i hope it doesnt get censored ,and if it does,it does,) when your young you get wet dreams and dry gas emmissions (far**) when you get older you get dry  dreams and wet  gas emissions
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Re: Prevent Nocturnal emissions 12 Jun 2022 19:29 #381832

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Additional Segulos: : 1 Eating and drinking too much can cause it. 2 Sleeping alone in a room. 3 Using the mouth for any aveiros (Loshon Hora Nivvul Peh etc.) 4 Having unclean objects like shoes and socks near the head or metal objects. That is what to try to avoid. Now for some things to do 1 Say the whole krias shema al hamitta. 2. Learn some torah (no matter how little) before you go to sleep. Sleep on left side. 3. Use john before sleeping.
The best tool in my opinion: Every day say Tehillim 16 32 41 42 59 77 90 105 137 150 Hatzlocha!

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Re: Prevent Nocturnal emissions 12 Jun 2022 21:52 #381850

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strivingForBetterDays wrote on 12 Jun 2022 18:58:
Hi guys, 
what are some segulot or advice that works to prevent nocturnal emissions?

Not thinking about it. Not worrying about till. Filling your mind with torah
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