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Re: Tryin' 09 Jun 2022 10:03 #381693

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cordnoy wrote on 07 Jun 2022 17:56:
Thank you. The chidush of Rav Tzadok (and I have some other sources and 'tzu shtels') is that the yetzer hara of arayos is what can and should be used to propel someone in Torah-learnin'. Yes, the yetzer hara is needed for procreation (which is actually somethin' I never quite understood - like if he was gone, our wives would undress before us, put on nice lingerie, and we'd stay in our bed and watch the Avalanche win in OT!?), but not only that, he is needed for shteigin'.

The Gemara in Yoma (Yuma?) Samach Tes:When the Rabanan killed the Yetzer Hara for idol worship, they also wanted to destroy the Ytzer Hora for sexuality. They stopped its power for 3 days, and all chickens stopped laying eggs, because the desire to procreatevanished. They saw that stopping this Yetzer would lead to the destruction of the world, so they limited it by removing the lust for incest with relatives and then restored the rest of the sexual Yetzer Hara
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