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Have A "Guarded" Year
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A platform of recovery for Jews who find themselves struggling with addictions to pornography, masturbation or other sexual problems. Post anonymously about your struggles without fear of anyone finding out who you are. Ask questions, post answers and be inspired! Get tips and guidance from the experts who moderate this forum, as well as from fellow strugglers.
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TOPIC: Have A "Guarded" Year 1022 Views

Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 02:06 #18880

  • Efshar Letaken
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Morai V'Rabosai! Ladies & Gentleman!

Please feel free to post you wishes to everyone on this thread.

I would like to wish everyone with a "Guarded" year & Inner Happiness.

The Guarded part will bring you inner Happiness, & when you have those two, everything elses falls into place.

Kesivah V'Chasima Tova
Efshar Letaken
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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 10:33 #18918

  • TrYiNg
Ksiva vchasima tova GUE! (Efsar, gr8 idea)
May we all be zoche to a year of sobriety, shteiging in avodas hashem, happiness , harchovas hadas and much more!
And may we all meet,bz"rh, in yerushalayim ir hakodesh , with moshiach , bmheiro!
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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 11:06 #18922

  • tester613
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I have been away for a while and wanted to sign in today to wish everyone a kasiva vechesima tova.  Thank you E.L. for giving me a place to do so.

I check in from time to time and I am amazed at the sincerity with which each one of you fight. 

It is k'dai to get your hands on the special tefilla for zera l'vatala that is recited during musaf R"H during "mipnei chateinu".  I have been saying it for the past nine years. Very uplifting.  It is printed in many machzorim.

The main avodah for R"H is kabalas Ol Malchus Shamayim. This is why Malchiyus is recite in kedushas hayom.  The sanctity of the day is malchiyus.  This is our main avodah.  The main Din is based on this.  This is the day that Hashem hands out "roles" for the coming year.  Our "roles" are mainly based on how much we believe in and desire kavod shamayim.  That is why the focus of the tefillos are for this.

For those that continue to struggle, take your attention away from your difficulties for now and turn yo0ur attention to your inner desire to do ratzon hashem.  On R"H we blow a bent shofar, because it is a day when we "hide" our sins.  The reason is because our sins are not who we are.  The Yid at his core is his ratzon.  Today we focus on our ratzon to do the will of G-d and our desire for the revelation of the shechina to the world.  as stated before, this is the main judgment.  Any focus of our "struggles" should be geared to its impact on kavod shamyim.  We should also realize how much each victory (even if we fall afterward) brings kavod shamayim. 

This is especially true for our addictions which are sins in private.  Rav Dessler writes(pt 5, page 23):
"The greatest revelation of G-d is in the most private places.  Through privacy and secrecy comes revelation.  When a tzadik is tested, and especially in private areas of his life and eventually succeeds he is bringing kavod shamyim."

After we designate our true recognition of G-d as king of the world, we recite zichronos.  In Zichronos we need to be thinking about how to bring Hashem into our lives.  The more we do this, the more he will be involved in our lives, kvyachol.  Meaning, the more hashgacha pratis we get.  We beg hashem to "remember us" for the good.

Of course the basics of malchiyus and zichronos are recited daily in the first pasuk of Keriyas shema.But just like on pesach we elaborate on yetzias mitrayim, on R"H we elaborate on kabalas Ol Malchus shamyim.

Wishing you all a kesiva vechisma tova,

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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 11:27 #18928

  • TrYiNg
WOW  thnk you ykv! and Welcome back ;D
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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 11:48 #18939

  • the.guard
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Just this morning I was asking myself, where is Yakov? I was worried... B"H - OD YAKOV CHAI!
Webmaster of - Maintaining Moral Purity in Today's World. We’re here on a quest ; it’s really all a test. Just do your best and G-d will do the rest.
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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 12:37 #18946

  • kutan
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To all on the forum,
Very best wishes for a wonderful year, b'ruchnius u'vegashmius. There are so many people on the forum from whom I've learned really important, even critical, ideas and concepts from, that I'm scared to start listing names, I might leave one out, or list someone twice (Dov, the last thing was my lame attempt at a joke...).
Thank you, really.

And I would also like to ask mechila for insensitive posts that I have placed... it was without any malicious intent, and I will make every effort that iyH bln not happen again in the future.

ksiva v'chasima tova,

Rashi, Breishis (10:25)
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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 13:24 #18961

  • kutan
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The following mashul helps understand the avoidah of RH:
The Chasam Sofer heard it from his Rebbe, R’ Nosson Adler, and would repeat it every year. R’ Volbe writes that this is mashul encapsulates the entire idea of RH.

A servant of the King once rebelled, and was placed in jail. In those days, as we find by Paroah, the King’s birthday was the occasion where the prisoners would all be judged. In those happy, pre-ACLU days :D, this was a sober experience. Many prisoners were handed their heads on a platter, literally. Rebelling against the King is no laughing matter.

So, as the King’s birthday approached, the mood in the prison grew gloomier and gloomier  :'(. Each prisoner would have nightmares, envisioning only the worst.

Then, the King’s birthday arrived. Outside there were festivities, but only a faint echo of the revelry could be heard in the prison. Each prisoner sat in their cell, full of remorse, and despair. The warden hated making rounds that day  >

When the warden reached the cell of the King’s servant, he was shocked. The servant was not at all despondent. Quite the contrary, he was laughing and singing. The warden had never seen this before  :o! He wasn’t quite sure how to deal with it, and was worried that maybe the servant lost his mind out of fear.  ??? So, he decided to report this to the King himself.

The King knew that this servant was not a regular person, and was curious to know what was going on. He requested that the servant be summoned to appear before him.

The warden complied, and the servant was brought before the King, the whole while dancing and laughing. When he entered the King’s chambers, he grew even more excited, calling out Long Live the King, Happy Birthday to the King, I Love the King, and so on.  ;D ;D ;D

The King asked him, don’t you know that today is the day all prisoners are judged? Don’t you know that your fate might be sealed today in the worst possible way?

And the servant answered… of course I know. But who has time to think about it? Today is the King’s birthday! What could be more important than that!  Long Live the King… and the servant continued on with his dancing and singing. 

;D  ;D  ;D

Well, when the Kings saw that, He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the servant was truly loyal to him, and had simply erred in past misconduct. The King pardoned the servant, and welcomed him back to his Royal assembly.

Nechemia said to the Yidden returning from galus… the Yiddin who still had foreign wives, and were despondent that Rosh Hashana was coming: “eat fatty foods, drink sweet things,  and send portions to those that do not have, for today is Holy to our Master, and banish all melencholy, because rejoicing with Hashem is your strength”.

This is the message of R. H. 

We tell Hashem, we are yours, we recognize that all is from you, and our position in the world, our position in avodas Hashem, is all from YOU. And we are not interested in wallowing in self pity. We are interested in rejoicing with YOU!!!

we are not interested in wallowing in self pity.

We are interested in rejoicing with YOU!!!
Rashi, Breishis (10:25)
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Re: Have A "Guarded" Year 18 Sep 2009 13:44 #18964

  • Nishmas
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To all of the GUE Family (and that includes you, too, even if you never posted, and I mean this with all sincerity),

Kesivah VaChasimah Tovah to ALL. And thanks for this wonderful site and all of it’s Heiligeh constituents.

A Gut Gebentched Yuhr. With Health and Happiness, all goodness, L'Tovah Vi'Livracha. May every one have a very fruitful and productive year, with much Chizuk to all! May it also be B'Nachas V'lo V'Tzaar. May despair turn to hope (Kaveh el Hashem) and to calmness and to serenity, and may all Yagon turn to Simcha. Please have the entire extended GUE mishpacha in mind in some small portion of your Teffilos this Yom Tov (among all of Klal Yisrael). Our Tefillos do make a difference, more than we even know. Pray that we have the strength to go to the next step. And if we don't have the will to do something, pray that we should have the will. Retzonainu Laassos Ritzoncha (deep down in all of us, we really want to do what's right). Every tear we shed, and even just a Krechtz, is added to the cup of tears that Hashem has for us. We are all children of the Ribono Shel Olam, and He loves us more than anything, no matter how we behave and no matter what we do. He still loves us and only wants the best for us. And He gives us a break for our failings. So, if HE gives us a break, we have to give ourselves a break, too.

Kol TUV! Kesiva VaChasima Tovah!!!!

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