What do you get for self-sacrifice?
  Breaking Free Chizuk #1650  
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Personal Stories: Self-sacrifice
Chizuk: How big is Hashem?
Testimonials: Dov's "Desperadoes" call is my Life Jacket
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Editor’s Note
Recording of Dov's call:

Recording of Dov's Thursday Call:

"Why is Bein Hazmanim such a challenge for so many?"

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Personal Stories
By GYE Member

One of my favorite sayings is, "We have to realize and appreciate the s'char for being moser nefesh for the Ribono Shel Olam when dealing with this struggle: that Shomayim will, in turn, be moser nefesh for us."

Recently, I had three days in a row where the going was rough. I really had the urge to act out - and the urge was powerful. I didn't know where it was heading, and I found myself telling over this line about mesirus nefesh. And I realized it was time to practice what I preach. I turned to Hashem and said,"Hashem, you know what I am going through, and I am being moser nefesh for you. Please be "moser nefesh" for me! Please accept from me a korbon, that instead of thinking about d'vorim assurim, I will think of things to thank You for."

And with that train of thought, I continued with my day, with the lust cycle being broken. Shortly after this took place, my daughter was in a massive car accident. The car was completely totaled. She walked out without a scratch! We are not neviim, but it looks like this "coincidence" was really a "kah" (as in the letter yud followed by the letter hay) incidence. (In reality, every coincidence is really a kah incidence). Of course, there will be skeptics who "don't believe in such stories," but I think most will agree that I was zoche to see the Yad Hashem in an incredible way.

How big is Hashem?

A boy asked his father, "Dad, how big is GOD?" Looking up at the sky, his father saw an airplane and asked his son, " How big is that airplane?" The boy responded,"It's small Dad! You can hardly even see it!"

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Dov's "Desperadoes" call is my Life Jacket
By GYE Member

Dear R’ Yaakov,

Many times I picked up my pen to write to you yet dropped it again and again. I felt no words can do justice and adequately express how Dov and his Desperado's call greatly contributed to my newfound joy and serenity. However, I felt that many can benefit from my experience so I will try my best to write it shortly.

I was a lust addict for over 10 years, all while having a wonderful wife and a precious family. All those years I was living in total oblivion, constantly acting out and driving myself and those around me nuts. I was living a double life, looking at porn and masturbating on one side, and on the other side I was davening, learning, doing large amounts of chesed, and even giving a gemara shiur for a large group of yungerleit. Oh! my life was a total mess, and suffering from my addiction was no picnic.

A few years ago I found GYE, and started the 90 day wall-of-honor with high hopes that finally something will save me from my deep porn struggle. It did help me for just a bit more than 90 days, and then woops! I went right back to my old habit. The only good thing it did do, that it showed me a little more how weak and powerless I was over porn, and my gehinom persisted for another few years.

After a little while and a few more slips, I found my lifeline, which for me is the only true way to recovery, I began working the Twelve Steps. As you know, the journey of healing is a tough ride, especially in the beginning. There is lots of confusion and inner pain, almost like doing a surgery on a deep open wound. At times I was totally lost, until I came upon my dear R’ Dov, through your website. I contacted him, and with his dedication, selflessness, and passion to help people he saved the day. His unparalleled wisdom, knowledge, and experience of years of sobriety were a fountain from which I drew comfort and courage. He always listened to me with an open heart, and offered the right advice. Speaking to R’ Dov was so enlightening, that I felt I had nothing to lose and only to gain by joining Dov's Desperados 12 steps teleconference, so a few months later I did.

It's now more than a year of sobriety, and I was fortunate to receive a new lease on life. I know that I was zocha to all this through Hashem and his special emissaries, most notably R’ Dov.

The purpose of my email today is to tell you R’ Yaakov, that this teleconference is for me like a life jacket in the stormy ocean of recovery. I never missed a call in the last few months, and witnessed many addicts being truly helped by this call. I look at it, as a holy group of yidden that their only goal is to live a healthy and normal life. I would highly recommend, for any addict, who is truly working the steps, to participate on the amazing teleconference. it will surely be a tremendous help for them like it is a help for me.

I'll finish my words with gratitude to Hashem my higher power, for removing much of the darkness and misery out of my wonderful life. The program gave me the opportunity to be able to feel and connect to the true lite in my life, my loving father in heaven who takes such good care of me. For the first time I am now an honest good person to my wife, children, parents, co workers, and to myself with a new bright meaningful life ahead of me.

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