Phone Number

  • Dial In Number:
    From U.S. 515-739-1294
    From Israel: 055-966-1084
    From UK: 0330 998 1254
    For other countries, see bottom of page.
  • Participant PIN: 382530
  • Conference Call Info

  • Average Call Time: 1 Hour
  • Cycle lasts between: No Cycle - Join any time!
  • Day(s) & Time

  • Thursdays 8am - 9am EST
  • Moderator Info

  • Q&A with Dov

    Discuss your deepest secrets, fears and questions with a person who has been there and cares.

    Q&A with Dov

    Dov - from the "Daily Dose of Dov" (in the daily chizuk emails) has been sober with Hashem's help through SA one day at a time since 1997 and has been a major part of GYE since 2008. 

    Recently Dov's story and some of his writings were published in Rabbi Twerski's latest book called "Teshuva & Recovery". (Click here to see Dov's excerpts from the book. The book can be purchased here).

    Be"H, Dov has been leading a closed 12-Step call on GYE for a few years (and that call continues). Through that call and the forum, he has spoken with and met with hundreds of GYE members over the years. Now, for the first time, Dov is leading an OPEN call. That is, the PIN of this call is being made public so that people can call in, ask their questions and discuss them

    This call will be recorded so that we can build a repertoire of Q&A material on GYE. However, the calls are NOT recorded until after people have a chance to ask questions. The recording only begins about 10 minutes after the call starts, and it continues through 9am when the calls end. This leaves time for people who want to ask questions to more comfortably do so without being recorded.  

    We hope this resource will help many Jewish people around the world who suffer in shame and silence, until Moshiach comes.

    Send in your questions beforehand to and Dov will try to address them in the call, as well. Spoken questions posed on the call will still have precedence.

    We hope that everyone takes advantage of this amazing opportunity to discuss your deepest secrets, fears and questions with a person who has been there and cares.


    To eliminate background noise, the call will be muted. Participants that wish to speak should press *6 to un-mute their line, and then *6 to mute themselves again when they finish speaking.

    Relevant Links, Resources and Downloads

    For a full list of dial-in numbers from countries around the world, click here.

    To listen to recordings of previous calls, the playback number is: 515-739-1388 Access Code: 382530#. Then put in the reference number of the call you want to listen to (1 and on).

    Currently, playback of recorded calls is only available with a local U.S. number (soon there will be numbers from other countries as well).

    To listen to recording's online, click here to access a spreadsheet with links to the daily recordings (updated weekly).