GYE helps those struggling with inappropriate materials and related behaviors.

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Phone Community Overview

Find yourself a friend (or friends) in your area that you can reach out to. There is nothing more powerful then picking up the phone and making a call when feeling weak. Lust "glows in the dark" and it quickly fades when we bring it into the light. Share your struggle with someone (BEFORE you act out!) and watch the lust fade away as they bring us back into reality. A listening ear is all we need sometimes, and the reassurance that "it will be Ok".

Safe & Anonymous: For your safety, no one can see any of the numbers in the GYE Phone Community unless they themselves have shared their number and have been approved. Each person who joins the community receieves a call from GYE to verify that the number is real and that the person is indeed sincere.

Men's Partner/Sponsor Program

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