Kosher Web Sites

A simple Google Drive that anyone can access to view and download kosher Movies (like old classics, 3D movies, animated films), documentaries (National Geographic’s, TED talks, Nature, etc.) and random Video Clips (animations, comedy, musical, animals, space, science, etc.)
a free interactive resource for emotional wellness in the Jewish community
Kosher music videos,and lyrics from all the frum singers albums. was created to help Jews learn songs and therefore help increase their enjoyment of Shabbos, holidays and many other occasions.
Steps-To-Living is a Jewish world-wide 12 Step based fellowship for realizing happiness and freedom.
A hangout for frum Jewish Teens to share, vent, ask questions and inspire each other.
Thousands of video's from RAbbi's and jewish leaders, covering all topics relating to daily jewish life, and pure Torah. classes
OU's website for all things Jewish
Good website for basic Judaism.
Aish HaTorah's website
Frumtube was previously the largest frum user upload site for video clips
Endless hours of Kosher video clips and entertainment
Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. You may remember some simple forms used by children. Today skilled artists have gone far beyond paper cranes and boxes. Origami folds have served as models for sending mirrors into outer space.