Torah audio & video - online Jewish lectures
The largest Torah website on the internet, with close to 100,000 shiurim and articles completely free
Shiurim of Rabbi Mizrachi (kiruv organization). Great to share to those who are far away from Torah!
Torah site in French
Lots of shiurim on plenty of different topics. Some of the best I have listened to!
A site to order and download shiurim from various Magudim, Torah, Musor, Sha's, Yumim Tovim, Jewish History, Nach, And Many Music CD's & MP3 as well.
A vast array of video classes, covering every concept of practical and theoretical jewish life.
A Nach website with links to shiurim, Divrei Torah and Perek summaries.
Q&A, parsha, halacha, hashkafa, etc.
Thousands of shiurim from hundreds ofgreat speakers to download or listen online
daf yomi
Chazara MP3 is a series of recorded shiurim covering all of Shas (including those mishnayos that have no gemara), Mishna Berurah and a few sections of Yoreh Deah. The purpose is to enable someone to review material that they're familiar with, (ie; daf yomi) quickly, without getting bogged down in the complicated aspects. It is also helpful for learning when tired. Additionally, it helps people use their time productively when traveling, walking and even exercising. Some have even been using it to learn new gemara. The magid shiur is R' Ahron Zelikovitz.
A compilation of many details in Judaism for those uninformed of the halacha.
"Uvlechticha Baderech" commits priceless shiurim to tape, CDs and downloadable MP3s.
Thousands of Shiurim for men & women on many texts and topics.