Great song for Dov's Desperadoes 12-Step Group
Kosher music videos,and lyrics from all the frum singers albums. was created to help Jews learn songs and therefore help increase their enjoyment of Shabbos, holidays and many other occasions.
Stream of Chabad nigunim
Beautiful Modzitzer Nigunim
Listen to music from the latest Jewish albums, 24 hours a day!
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This is a Jewish Radio sttation which is a pretty much constant stream of Jewish music.
It's based in Lakewood, NJ so occasionally you'll have to listed to an ad for a local Lakewood business, but generally its parve background music
The addiction wants to rob us of inner-peace and serenity. When feeling weak, play this beautiful song, close your eyes and breath deeply.. (According to Breslov tradition, this niggun is said to be the niggun that is played in Shamayim)