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Please help us with our ONCE A YEAR campaign - without paying a cent!
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TOPIC: Please help us with our ONCE A YEAR campaign - without paying a cent! 1926 Views

Please help us with our ONCE A YEAR campaign - without paying a cent! 07 Sep 2012 14:10 #144751

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We're making soon our once-a-year e-mail appeal (during Aseres Yimei Teshuvah) to thousands of Jews around the world, to help us continue our holy work. The appeal is worth to GYE as much as a fund-raising trip to the U.S, and sometimes even more! Experience shows us that for every e-mail address we send the appeal to, we get about $1 in donations. We want to ask you a big favor that will help us A LOT, but won't cost you anything: To please help us gather e-mail addresses.

If you have a Gmail account, here (below) is a program and instructions that will help you extract all e-mail addresses that are found in your Gmail account. No one will know that you gave us their addresses, and they will receive only one e-mail from us a year. We anyway all want to spread the word about GYE, so besides for helping us with the appeal, you will also be helping spread the word about GuardYourEyes!

If you are not interested in bothering with the instructions below but you still want to help us, you can send us your username and password to your Gmail account and we'll do it ourselves. We won't enter your account, we'll only put the info into the program and let the program extract the addresses. (You can change the password afterwards if it makes you more comfortable :-))

Here are the instructions for whoever can do it themselves:

1) Download the program: />
2) Put in code 23393656

3) Put in your Gmail username and password

4) Select all "Extraction Options"

5) Select "All Mail"

6) Select 1b. Get Some E-Mails.

7) See what the Maximum is (that is the amount of messages you have in your account). If the maximum is lower than 20,000 you can run it all at once. If it's more, say 40,000, run first from 1 to 20,000 for now. Then when you finish saving this list you'll do 20,000 - 40,000.

8.) When it finishes running, press "Remove Duplicates" - wait for the progress bar to finish (depending on amount, it can take hours)

9) When it finishes, save it as "Gmail Friendly List", which will save it as a CVS file. (Name it, say "1 - 20k". If you need to repeat, save the second file as "20k - 40k")

10) When you've finished, please
send us all the CVS files.

Thank you and Tizke Lemitzvos!

P.S. If you don't have a Gmail account, maybe you can just send us the contacts in your address book...
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