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TOPIC: Hello 3278 Views

Re: Hello 07 May 2010 18:19 #64308

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Here is something I read. It is found in a book called, Restore My Soul, a collection of writings by R' Nachman and R' Noson. It was collected by R' Alter of Teplik, a leading Breslover Chossid at the turn of the previous century. It contains all sections in Lekutey Moharan and Lekutey Halachot which deal with inner fortitude and optimism. This Sefer was called Meshivat Nefesh by R' Alter. I encourage anyone and everyone to pick up a copy.


Know that all these falls and descents, all the confusions and destructions, are an inevitable preliminary to entering the gates of holiness. All the true Tsadikim and all the truly G-d fearing have endured all this.

You may be so far from G-d that you imagine that your every movement is a blemish before G-d. In that case, you should know that when someone is so deeply sunk in the grossness of the world, every single gesture and movement that he makes to extricate himself little by little from his grossness, is more dear and precious in G-d's eyes than words can describe. Even the faintest motion such a person makes to draw himself out of the grossness causes swift running in the upper worlds over thousands upon thousands of miles. Likutey Moharan II:48. 
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