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B"H for this site!
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TOPIC: B"H for this site! 885 Views

B"H for this site! 31 Oct 2019 17:07 #344791

  • A Good Jew
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 Shalom, fellow GYErs
  I've been davening for a way to  beat my addiction to watching old TV series on the Internet for years now. I tired many different methods, both alone and with help form others, but I would always come back to it.
  The thing that's got me worried is that it doesn't matter how much pritzus the shows have (it used to bother me more than it does now). So I started praying harder, and B"H, He sent me a way via an e-mail from a relative about GYE.
  And here I am. I'm determined to see this succeed; I've already deleted the TV site bookmarks from my browser.
 May we all be matzliach in breaking our addictions!

Re: B"H for this site! 31 Oct 2019 17:44 #344797

  • sleepy
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you are truly a gibor for giving that i up, i know how hard that could be since i also was doing it.there is a yetzer hara of nostalgia to watch the favorite shows of our youth  that has to be beaten as well as pritzus .Hatzlacha!
p.s. its amazing to see now as adults what shmutz was poured in our brains  and neshamos,when we were young and didnt recognize it at the time as much.
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Re: B"H for this site! 31 Oct 2019 23:54 #344810

  • ColinColin
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Addictions are not good.

But do not be hard on yourself.
Perhaps these old TV shows take you back to time when you felt happier and safe?
With less responsibilities?

Re: B"H for this site! 01 Nov 2019 07:06 #344817

  • A Good Jew
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Perhaps. At least that's what I tell myself. But it just opens the door for me to spend (waste) hours staring at the screen. Maybe it's an escape route, maybe it's a way to relax, maybe it's way to feed my taivos,, etc., etc.

But I that's not where I want or need to be, where I was back then. So, I have to break free and live my life where I am. I  can't live in the past and present at the same time (only Hashem can do that), and expect to have any kind of good future.

That's my take on this.
Hashem ya'azor.
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