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TOPIC: Hi everyone! 1312 Views

Hi everyone! 03 Jun 2019 03:32 #341588

  • reuvenshimonlevy
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I’m a struggler just like many (apparently). I started struggling about 3-4 years ago. I would like to call myself a “small time struggler” if I may. I know even falling once isn’t small but I think people struggle more than me. Not that I’m trying to make myself sound like a Tzadik, oh no! Far from it! It’s just that I only fall periodically. Once a week or once every other week. I’ve gone longer then that but not much.

Back on point. I’m a struggler and would love to hear some tips from you all! I really can’t take this anymore! I was perfectly fine only 3-4 years ago (well okay, not perfectly fine, but at least in these Inyanim I was)! Every time I fall I go crazy! I cry to Hashem! I beg Mechila! But then a week later I’m back to square one again! I’m very hard on myself, I know. But I just can’t take it!

What has worked for me most was the motto “One day at a time” and I think really staying clear of the internet altogether. But that’s not super practical and it’s not the answer because if it’s somewhat available and my guard is slightly down, I’m a goner!

Please tell me what worked/works for you. I’ve read most of the GYE handbook but I just want some small tips. Just little kinds of stuff that keep you going. I just need to get over the 2 week mark of being clean. Then obviously over the 3 week mark and 4 week and so on. But I got to start somewhere and I’m running short on ideas. And if your here I assume you’ve won numerous times, so tell me what you’ve done.

Input please and thank you!

A fellow struggler

Re: Hi everyone! 03 Jun 2019 19:32 #341603

  • 360gye
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Welcome to GYE, and everyone appreciates the fact that are able to be open and honest with us. Living with the statement of "one day at a time" really does help and it aids in helping people make small, realistic goals for themselves. I think this goes without saying, but filters are a BIG help. I've found the 90-day chart to be helpful as well as keeping in touch with people.
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