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WebChaver Downsides?
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TOPIC: WebChaver Downsides? 501 Views

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 18 Aug 2022 00:58 #384842

  • Kavey
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gotcha...I think it might be at the port level...I know on the mac it captures both Safari and Chrome but not 100% sure.

if the in-app browser is a VPN then all bets are off of course.

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 18 Aug 2022 02:41 #384849

  • future paltiel
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Having your wife as your web chaver is usually not recommended although it might work for some.
You can ask one of the מומחים like Cordnoy or HHM.

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 18 Aug 2022 05:08 #384854

  • lionking
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I highly recommend a screenshot monitoring app like webchaver. I personally do not like webchaver, since my main focus was on mobile and it didn't work well for me. Truple works much better. If I am understanding correctly, you are looking to install it on windows. It works well on windows.

Here is some points and clarifications:
(I would suggest that you try the free trail to get a feel for it)
  1. Truple and webchaver are not filters. They take screenshots and email the screenshots to your partner. It is possible to add filtering to webchaver for a minimal fee, but I would rather get a different filter which is compatible.
  2. They both have an AI engine which rates the screenshot and alerts the partner if it is questionable. Both are not perfect. I found truple to err on the side of caution and rate innocent screenshots as high risk, while webchaver didn't rate high risk ones so well. The actual AIgoritim is secret, but I think it combines the app you are in with skin tone detection to deem screenshots as high risk.
  3. It would pick up any app and all inapp browsing since it is looking at the screen picture.
  4. Below is a basic table explaining the differences between Truple and WebChaver:
    On mobile (android) uses VPN service to work which blocks a lot of filters and doesn't allow other VPN'sOn mobile (Android) uses device accessibility to work. Is fully compatible with other filters
    Supports addon for filteringprovides only basic filtering via clean browsing dns. However it is compatible with other filters
    Only shows screenshots, doesn't have a event log or show a list of url's/websites visitedshoes complete event log and list of sites visited
    Shows the images in the emaildoesn't show images in email. Partner needs to login to see them
    Doesn't allow customization of blur settings or adjustments to AI sensitivityallows to blur all images and to redact text, also can adjust sensitivities
    Is clunky and can slow downruns fast and smooth
    Is more expensiveits cheaper

Hatzlacha Rabba!
My email address is: growinghigher613@gmail.com
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Re: WebChaver Downsides? 18 Aug 2022 13:22 #384858

  • Kavey
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Impressive! I do think WebChaver shows url's for Mac

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 18 Aug 2022 14:30 #384862

I use it on a Windows PC and a Mac without the filtering, because I use Gentech for filtering, and for me it's great and I view as a necessity. In regards to what to said about in-app browsing, if it behaves like google or other search engines then yes it would be filtered and this does include youtube but it's a very minimal filter because all they do for youtube in particular as an example, is set youtube to restricted mode. Webchaver's filtering works at the internet-domain level unlike other filters like gentech and netspark, meaning that all internet activity on the device will be accounted for and if it behaves like a search engine, that will be additionally filtered if you have it enabled. Even if you don't have it enabled, when webchaver takes screenshots they record the internet domain address of the page you're viewing if it's on the internet, and if not then the app on which you're viewing it and that's included in the information of the screenshot for your ally to see. And while it's true that the AI sometimes doesn't pick up inappropriate images that are not explicitly p, if you search up something inappropriate, the AI will be able to classify it as suspicious and notify your ally, because your search terms (the words you put into the search engine to look up) will be run through the AI too so even if it failed the identify the image as suspicious, it would be able to with your search terms. 

The bottom line is that you should get it but without the filtering, because it's free if you get through the knas based accountability (the details for how to set that up properly are in my signature). The filtering sometimes conflicts with other filters like Gentech, which it did in my case which means you won't be able to access the internet with both of them, and I believe that you can't add filtering to your webchaver package if you get through the free method. I would also say that pricewise, truple isn't the best thing to get even though it does offer a few more features, because it's close to price to gentech and it would be better for you to have gentech and webchaver than just truple alone, unless you want to get truple and gentech which would be more expensive. And in regards to getting a filter since I recommended to get webchaver without the filtering, I would recommend getting gentech.
(Includes WebChaver/CovenantEyes, Microsoft Family Safety, and Apple
and a how-to guide to set them up without loopholes)  

Even if you already have a filter, these are necessary additions because
they fix many loopholes that exist with paid filters (speaking from firsthand
experience) and because they add priceless accountability features.

If you have trouble filtering a shared device, then see the post for how
to get these filters discreetly, without any other users' knowledge whatsoever
and without the filters affecting the other users of the device at all.
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Re: WebChaver Downsides? 18 Aug 2022 15:49 #384871

  • Beitzah3
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Hm ok thanks.

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 16 Nov 2022 07:38 #387788

  • ches1
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Like has been mentioned, have a reliable chaver who will approach you if they see something off. Webchaver includes about 16 screenshots taken randomly (if you are using more than one device it takes approximately 8 screenshots per device).  The screenshots are rather small and blurry, which is a small downside in my opinion. Something that I think is very important is for the chaver to look at the caption for each screenshot and not just the screenshot itself. Meaning, that webchaver usually includes a caption for some/most of the screenshots which includes information like the name of the website, and the name of the article / video / file etc. in the website that you are viewing. This can be an important clue for the chaver that something may be wrong with the internet activity, evenwhen the AI doesn't detect anything wrong. The reports are emailed on a daily/weekly basis (I myself use daily basis, not sure if weekly basis is effective)Also, the chaver is sent an email if webchaver is uninstalled from any device.Last thing I wanted to mention is that the chaver has the ability to generate reports. So even if they are sent a daily email report,they can go (on webchavers website) and generate a report at any time. 

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 16 Nov 2022 20:59 #387822

  • Human being
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I used webchaver, It was good but had some downsides. I would look at you tube videos that weren't prefect, and since my father was my chaver i would freak out about him seeing it. So i would have ti figure out a way to eather uninstall it or ask him to give me the code to his email to eraise the reports. Point is, the chaver must be someone willing to accept you if you do slip. Because otherwise your going to figure out a way to aviod him seeing the reports and then its all down hill. That was my expierence. A chaver has to be someone a)that cares about you and is nice to you even if you do fall, and someone who will actually follow your reports and cares that you remain clean so you know someone is way=thching you,
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Re: WebChaver Downsides? 17 Nov 2022 00:25 #387834

Make sure as well the chaver knows what you're struggling with and the gedarim you feel you need to be safe.

I started off with a friend who ddn know struggles or anything. So then I wasn't scared to break down personal gedarim. I felt id hve excuse if something inappropriate because it came up on a news site, Amazon etc. . 

Also if you can tell chaver want to check in daily/weekly I personally found that part of the hatzala. Otherwise I could always go on a device without wrbchaver if I didn't want them to know what I was looking at, which I have easy access to.

Make sure it'll be someone you can view everything kosher that you view. Make sure you don't mind them knowing you're on guard your eyes for example. Otherwise may end up feeling need to be on another device 

Re: WebChaver Downsides? 27 Nov 2022 02:19 #388295

  • jsmith01
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I use Accountable2You on both Android and Windows and it's amazing. 
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