Ozer Bigevurah

Guiding a Bachur Through Struggles in Inyanei Kedusha

A Handbook for Rebbeim and Mashgichim to familiarize and educate on this topic, published by GuardYourEyes, adapted from the recorded workshops on the topic of kedusha given by Rabbi Efraim Glassman

DISCLAIMER: This booklet is intended to provide those who listened to these recordings (click here to download zip file of talks) of Rabbi Efraim Glassman’s workshops with a printed version of the material. However, this material should not be viewed as a complete treatment plan. 

Click here to download (a Zip file of) Powerpoint presentations that accompany Rabbi Glassman's talks.

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Note: The bachurim primarily addressed in this booklet are boys who are trying hard to do what’s right, yet despite that have found themselves developing certain detrimental habits. Bachurim quite often ask for help only after they have settled into detrimental behavior patterns that have grown out of their control.

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