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What's your Role in the Play?

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Dov from Israel writes:

I had an interesting experience...

I kept noticing that someone was also logged in when I was on my other Gmail account - but I did not recognize the person. Perhaps it was someone I once sent an email too (I am involved in several different activities - so who knows where the name came from?)

But then I thought that since I used to use my other Gmail account for GYE stuff, maybe it was someone from the group.

I decided to send an e-mail chat - to ask how he is doing.

He replied, "Fine"...

blah, blah, blah

I mentioned that I started to do some one-on-one with the guys from the group here - and it is going well.

He asked, which group was I talking about???

Hmmm... I started to think that maybe he is not from GYE... Should I say anything or not??

(OK, Hashem - which way do you want to go??)

So I mentioned, "The guys from GuardYourEyes".

<long pause>

Finally he types back that he has heard of the website, and he realizes that he has a problem... but he's not sure what or how to take the next step and thus has not done anything, yet!

We talked - and he decided he will lurk on the site and maybe even post on the forum.


How far a simple greeting or Shalom Aleichem can go towards reaching and affecting another person. How many of you were affected because someone reached out to you?

Think about how many other lives you can affect too, just by saying "HI, HOW ARE YOU?"

Duvid Chaim Responds:

Dov's experience just reinforces what we've been discussing lately on the Calls.

Once we realize that we are all just ACTORS in a Play - a Play that is being run by THE Director - we can begin to have a new experience and outlook with and towards others.

How can there even been room in the Script for us to play our role with Resentment or Fear? It just doesn't exist - except in our minds, if we let it exist.

Don't we want everyone around us to realize that we're doing the BEST WE CAN?

So why shouldn't we also recognize that everyone else - yes, our wives, our kids, our parents, our boss, our friends, everyone - is doing the BEST THEY CAN?

And what makes this whole SHOW we call life so interesting, is that sometimes - like Dov shared - new actors come into our lives and make us say "Wow".

When I take a little risk - when I trust - when I'm humble, fearless and honest - then I get to make a difference.

And I get to "practice these principles in all our affairs."

It's time to discard our old worn out way of thinking and adopt a new design for living.