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AA / SA is Not a Religion

GYE Corp. Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bill and Bob wrote near the end of their book: "This book is suggestive only...". My sponsor reminded me once that the program is not a matter of faith, just experience. AA or SA are not a religion. The Program is secular (look up the word if you think [as I did] that it means "without G-d"). And thank G-d for that! I can have a Roman Catholic sponsor whose help saved my life and led me to caring about wearing Rabeinu Tam's, learning with hislahavus before shacharis in the morning, building a heiligeh home with my wife, and learning how to be a true Jewish father to my kids. And for the same reason, I am able to sponsor yidden who are agnostics, Evangelicals, and Mormons, all the same way. And each person is precious to Hashem right where he is, and will grow into living the right way only after they become sober.

SA is not a religion, just a toolbox. And the tools work for me so far.