Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Walking Into the Inferno Called "Life"

by Elya (See all authors)

Some people want to know if one cycle through the 12-Steps is enough to be fully healed. This question actually reveals an underlying character defect that all addicts have. We're all looking for that "magic bullet" that will give us the quick fix. "I want to be healed now so I can still enjoy the lusting -but be in control of it!"

Therein lies one facet of our problem: by definition (Step 1), we are powerless over our addiction and our lives have become unmanageable. And therefore, Chevra, we will never be in control of our disease. Just like someone with allergies can never "conquer" the allergy, neither will we be able to conquer our addiction.

But before you decide to give up on the 12-Step program, take comfort in knowing that the goal of our Program is not to heal you from lusting - instead (and here is where it gets so worthwhile) the goal of the Program is to give you the tools to walk into the "inferno" called Life. As we discussed on the call, the analogy is like a person who walks off the street into a burning building and expects not to get burned. Instead, we call in well trained and well equipped firemen, who rescue the building and the occupants because they've got the special clothing and the tools to handle the heat.

By working the Steps, you also will have the tools you need to deal with the stuff of life that leads us into anger, jealousy, resentment, excitability and more, all of which are the underlying reasons that we run to escape into our addiction.

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