Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Power of Live Groups

by Elya (See all authors)

About 70 years ago, a doctor and a drunk went to the famous Carl Jung and asked him what it would take to get rid of the guilt and shame, the stigma and the hopelessness from drinking too much alcohol, raging and then feeling bad about it later.

Carl Jung answered: "let people get together in a group and tell their stories and when they are finished telling their stories, do not criticize or give advice - just accept that person for who they are."

We are all in this together. The proven way to get better and heal is to literally speak the shame and guilt out of your mouth and out of your body, similar to what we do on Yom Kippur at Viduy time. It is difficult to admit your faults and falls in public, AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY WE MUST DO IT. We co-dependent, addictive, compulsive, lonely souls must learn to fill up the gaping holes in our souls with honesty instead of with acting out in our disease (dis-ease).

What we hold in our bodies and our minds grows more powerful, like le'havdil a cancer, chas v'sholom, and the more power we give it and let it grow the more it affects us negatively.. Rigorous honesty is the key.

The power of the 'group concept' cannot be overstated. Isolation and loneliness are our worst enemies and our addiction's most treasured friend. The addiction reminds us constantly that our isolation will shield us from having to be honest with ourselves and others. And this is the power it has over us, until we kill the obsession by talking about it.... about our feelings... about our loneliness.... and yes, about the details of our acting out. Not in vague generalities like, "I did that m-word-thing" but actually saying it and getting it out. Not necessarily just on the forum, but also in person.

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