Living in the solution

Member asks:

I just feel like all of a sudden every second of my day revolves around this specific aspect of my life. It was never like that before. 
I don't necessarily relate it completely to my increased involvement on GYE, but I'm just nervous. 
My fall last night was pretty bad. I texted a few guys immediately after it happened which I have never done before. 
I'm just confused/frustrated.

GYE Admin Sunday, 23 October 2016

Dear Confused!

Of course, it can be related to your involvement with GYE! The problem we have is obviously increased when we keep thinking about it all the time. It does not matter if we are thinking about naked people - or about not thinking about naked people - either way, we are walking around thinking about naked people all the time!

In the program, we call that 'living in the problem, instead of in the solution.' The problem is fighting and struggling against lust. The solution is surrender. Giving up the fight... unless you are really winning.

'Let go and let G-d' sounds like Chinese, at first. Success in 'letting go' takes time, takes practice, and takes connection with others who are actually doing it successfully. I have not met people who have learned how to do it from a book.

Get me? You can do this, as long as you realize that you can't.