Monday, 06 February 2012

I don't need more G-d - I need less me!

by Duvid Chaim (See all authors)

I'm writing from the Central Bus Station here on my trip to Israel.

As "all y'all" know I often recommend that we think of ourselves as "an ant on a log floating down the river" (who can't control the log in anyway).

Well here in this bus station I feel like "an ant in an ant hill."

There is such a buzz here - people going this way and that way - running into and out of the many shops and cafes here - rushing to buy their tickets and blast out of here to get to their destinations.

And yet what is going on at their destinations? There are people running to get right back to here! What if we could all just stand still and stay where we are? What if we could just pause and rather than chase after things and the stuff of life, we could let life come to us?! If we could only PAUSE and stop reaching out with our grubbie little hands to take, take, take. TO TAKE CONTROL!

When are going to surrender to win? Rather than all our fighting often to lose?

Is everyone and everything to blame for our anger, jealousy and disappointments in life? Do we have any part in our life's DRAMA?

And what are we hiding from? Or more importantly, Who are we hiding from??

Remember, "I don't need more of G-d in my life - I need less of me!"

Please enjoy the daily blast I "coincidentally" got today.

L'hitraot and Looking FORWARD,

Duvid Chaim

GYE Corp.