Change Your Shoes

GYE Corp. Sunday, 26 February 2012

I have not met too many folks who did not have to live any differently to get a different life. Meaning, if you expect to actually have a different and better life, a life without the garbage of the Lust, P, and M-words, you may not be able to live it while remaining in the same shoes you wore last year (and getting odor-eaters may not be enough). For those guys who keep trying and falling, this may be their missing ingredient. Getting away without this bullet-biting may be a luxury that we just don't "deserve". I didn't, for sure.

Yes, I know the tzadikim teach us that our intentions are powerful, but in my case, I had to actually go to meetings, tell my story publicly (in an anonymous meeting, of course), and live my life (a little) differently - as an addict.

I really have nothing more to add. Wisdom, support and love you've got here aplenty already.

- Dov