The Kedusha Talk

We would be negligent in the education of our children if we would permit them to grow into adolescents without preparing them first with adequate tools to help them live as Jews in the un-Jewish environment they will be living in. The only way is to teach them, before their adolescent drives set in, how a Jew is obligated to deal with his reproductory drive. It is vital that we get our message across to the child before the messages of the culture around him begin to inundate him.

Click here for a video clip of Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz mentioning "The Kedusha Talk" at the online Agudah Convention, Nov 2020.

  • Synopsis: How to speak about Kedusha issues to boys around the age of Bar-Mitzvah
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  • Version: Dec 2018
  • Author: Rabbi Avi Landa, Mashgiach TA Middle School, LCPC
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