Additional Tools for Recovery

Elyah (a.k.a. Eye.Nonymous) writes:

About half a year ago I attended an SA workshop entitled, “Tools for Recovery.” The speaker gave us a list of well over 100 tools of recovery and explained each one. I wanted to share this list with the forum, so I started a thread on GYE, “Additional Tools for Recovery.” I wrote a tool every day or so with a little explanation either from what I learned at the workshop, from my own understanding of the tool, or from my own experience with it. In this way, besides sharing the tools, I also shared a lot about my own outlook on recovery and what has worked for me—what, perhaps, might work for you, too. These efforts were appreciated, encouraged, and added to by other members of the forum along the way. I am glad to be of service and take this a step further; the “Additional Tools for Recovery” thread is now available from GYE as an E-book for your convenience.

I suggest you will have the greatest benefit by reading through these tools slowly, just one or two tools each day. Give yourself a chance to digest them, remember them, and implement them to some extent in your life. There's no hurry.

P.S. Any comments about this E-book can be posted on the GYE forum HERE, or can be sent by E-mail to me HERE.

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