Addictions Halocho and Hashkofo



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The following PDF contains excerpts from my book/sefer called
“Addictions Halocho and Hashkofo”

I believe it would be in order to give some introductory background information about myself: I am Yeshivishe, Frum-from-Birth and a Rov, who has been Paskening Shaalos re: Shabbos, Taharas Hamishpocho, Kashrus, etc. for almost 30 years (Washington Heights, Philadelphia, Passaic). My S’micha is signed by Rav Yosef Breuer, ZTvK’L, Rav Shimon Schwab, ZTvK’L and L’Havdil Bain Chaim l’Chaim the Novominsker Rebbe, Shlita.

I have been involved with people in 12–step recovery and program for 16 years. I began my association with the “Recovery community” with much skepticism and asked many questions and challenged many of their concepts and premises. Over this time period, I have done much research into the compatibility of “Program” with Yidishkeit. Suffice it to say at this point, that any concerns that are raised by well-meaning people (and I certainly was one of the more vociferous critics) about 12 step programs are simply just NOT shared by Normative Halocho.

Indeed, the more appropriate question that should be asked is, “Is the Judaism (Yidishkeit, Chareiidism, Yeshivishkeit, Chasidishe, Heimishe) that presents itself to our eyes really a true representation of what God has written in His Torah and stated in His Oral Torah?” Or have distortions and misperceptions crept in and now have become counterfeit axioms of a quasi new religion. Rav SR Hirsch & Rav Yisroel Salanter in the 19th century and the Chazon Ish in the past century all admonished to be very careful not to confuse Jewish Culture with Torah Observance. Or as has been wittingly remarked, “Please! Do not confuse Jews with Judaism!”

To this end, I have included my source-material and cross-references within the Teshuvos, so that the reader can study them and ascertain for himself the veracity and acceptability of my conclusions, guidance and recommended solutions.

Rabbi Kaganoff


For the full version of the PDF "Addiction & Halacha" including other addictions such as "Over Eating" click here.

  • Synopsis: The following PDF contains excerpts from the book/sefer called “Addictions Halocho and Hashkofo”
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  • Author: Rabbi Yehoshua Kaganoff